Wednesday, August 15, 2007

How could an Angel break my Heart?

The fact that I used to love her (Sniff...) and praised her for her beauty, talent and simplicity. She was the fantasy that kept a lot of men wanting to be a perfect men for every lady. She had introduced flawlessness even if she is not perfect. I don't want to give more praises, she don't deserve it.

Last week, after watching her contract signing in ABS-CBN, she then had an interview with Ms. Bianca Gonzales. I was really on focus to watch how she would answer the questions regarding her transfer. It really made me feel ashamed for her, the way she answers to questions delivered by Ms. Gonzales proves she can't fake the truth. What truth? Sorry to be rude. It's all about Money. Being famous is not her problem anymore. Greed pushes people to the limits. It pushes people to forget who their friends are, who helped them progress, who made them survive and enabled them to create a bigger and better living. I had awaited her answer for so long. Kahit na ndi sya nagcomment regarding her transfer to ABS, this was all enough to prove to me how low she had become. I was thinking, it was her right. Where's the ethics in leaving the place and people that supported you so much...then leaving a bomb to disable them so badly. I pray for GMA 7's success to continue. I ahve nothing against ABS...I want to clear that. Angel, don't be surpised.......the boat is are sinking with it. You stink!

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