Saturday, October 18, 2008

SMOC Eat-Out Part 1: Beef Pares

Beef Pares Kainan sa Banawe

Change of Moods: Masaya

Change of Moods: Seryoso

The "All-Balls Crew" Hahahahay ang gu-gwapo!

My partner with Papa Ivan

Hmmmmm......mukhang kami pa ren ang magpartner till the end. Pasensya ka na sa Katoxican ko.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


1st day of September, 2008

I woke up today, feeling that sweet rush of blood all over my body after having one long weekend of rest. It was a pretty feeling to have. Watching DVD's, eating noodles, surfing the net and lying there on my crooked bed wearing only my boxers. Nothing there to worry about yet. Haha. I'm giveth this time to take some leave of absence from the place I have been for the past four months. The past two months was one of the stressful time I had but also one of the best ones and I'm not denying the fact how much I've learned during my rotation in the Department of Pediatrics in Metropolitan Hospital.

I'm gonna be late again as I woke up early and finish up preparing my things and self about few minutes before eight. But I felt good. I can smell it. My time of rest. It was a hot morning but it didn't seem to matter that time as I was feeling good. This was one of those days I felt stress-free. Half of the morning went well. As noon time approaches, something started to sink upon on me. The reality I had to woke myself from my stress-free day. I don't want it to be ruined but I had no choice. Family matters.

I felt numb as I say goodbye to my co-interns to pursue my problem. I felt the sun loosing its shine over me as darkness starts to cover me. I walked through the streets of Blumentritt teary eyed. Not again. Everytime happening and predictable as it seems but I never made my self ready for it. So down with the fustration of this pursue, I decided to go back to my crib, removed my shoes and started removing my clothes off. Then I started loosing energy and suddenly fell deep into sleep. When I woke up, I missed half of the day in the community.

I felt dizzy and a little numb still. It felt like half of my body is buried in a pile of garbage. Its the same thing occuring eveytime. I felt tired I want to quit. My mom came that night. I want to embrace her but I felt very weak. She cried, I cried then I felt an energy coming into my body and providing me enough strength to even make a smile. It was my mom making me feel safe and calm. There was more than me, it was all of us. How sorry I felt that I've become selfish not thinking what others felt. I love my mom and I love my God that gave me this mother. It's time to take some rest, have a stick of cigar then slept.

Saturday, August 9, 2008


eR bA oR wARDS?
kAPE bA oR cOKE (HMMM....)

Totoo na to....
Hapi ako sa Internship....
Hirap ako sa Allowance ko(Nagback-out na kasi tita ko)....
Ndi na kami masyado nagkikita ni Cristine....
Madumi pa rin ang kwarto ko hanggang ngayon....
Addict ako sa 24....
Tumataba nanaman ako kasi ang sarap kumain....
Artista pa rin ako....
Matagal na ko hindi nakakasimba....
Dumadami na ang dilemma ko sa buhay....
Ndi pa rin ako nagsisimula sa pag-aral ko ng boards....
Nagyoyosi nanaman nga pala ko (occasional lang mga 0.003packs per day)....
Inaatake nanaman ako ng pagkasentimental paminsan-minsan....
Nagsawa na rin ako sa sansrival....
The Dark Knight pa lang ulet napanuod ko since nagsimula ako ng internship,ganda!....
Nagplaplano na ko magwork-out ulet at magpapayat....
Inspiration ko ang isang doctor ngayon....
Namiss ko na talaga si Dra. Nei....
Hapi ako sa duty mate ko na Si Marian....
Namimiss ko na rin Si Dra. Raich....
Medyo ndi na makinis mukha mgsisimula na ulet ako magPonds....

wala lang ako magawa
pero lahat yan totoo.

la lang.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Thriller Experience @ Metropolitan

Dr. Benjamin Cuenca, the Department Chair of OB-Gyne is about to celebrate his bday. We were tasked by our residents to prepare a presentation for the said event. Medyo mahirap mag-icip ng ipeperform since lahat kami laging busy at preococupied with sleeping more than doing other things kasi nga pagud na kame from duty. Buti na lang, andyan si Ge (1st girl from left with right fingers pointing between her right eye). To cut it short magBillie Jean/Thriller kame. Haha. Sobrang alam mo yan. Walang kwenta yung mga practice namen. Either kulang kame or tinatamad na mga tau. When the day came, we were nervous pero whalah! It was a stunning performance. Baket? Panu? We tried to mask our imperfect performance by adding good backgrounds. We all clothed in black for the Billie jean track with white gloves and socks. Tpos naka dark light kame kaya it would show as if mga kamay lang ung nagsasayaw sa stage. Then the thriller part (still on dark light) we took off or black upper garment and revealed our tattered clothes scaring people in the audience then finally dancing like corpse with style. Hayop! Hehehe. Everyone enjoyed it. Even Dr. Cuenca. We even gopt a 24-hour merit from Dra Janet. Pasaya na ng pasaya ang buhay ko dito sa Metro. To brighten more my day during my last duty, I got an invitation from Dr. Welson Yap to join the Anesthesiology Residency in PGH in June 2009 after my boards. Wow. Can I ask for more? Thank you po LORD sa lahat ng Blessings.

Here are some more of the fotos from the event

Friday, May 30, 2008

Clerkship Recall

Today, I came across Mander's friendster account(a very close friend and colleague). I saw this folder showing 'Clerkship Reloaded'. When i was browsing the pictures, I came across one that really made me laugh and i didn't know it ever existed. It was a shot (shown above) showing a bunch of clerks sleeping and currently rotating in the Internal Medicine department of Ospital ng Maynila. Haha. 'Wasak" as we call it there. I remember those days. I couldn't figure how I survived it. It was one of a hell training ground. But hey, don't get me wrong. I learned a lot from that place. And I loved it there. If ever I'm asked if I would like to come back, I guess I would. Well in the future maybe. There are a lot of people in there that I miss so much. Not only Doctors but as well as our Manong's and Manang's. Even the people in the dietary who'd slip a dinner or lunch for me. Reminiscing....Hehe. Some of them (see below) had inspired most of us a lot. Well, I hope in seeing them soon. Mander dude, tnx for the pix. Hehe.

With the Surgery Department

] At the Internal Medicine E.R.

At the Hemodialysis Unit

ENT Rotation with EIAC Co-Clerks

Grand duty at OB-Gyne Department


Academic Sessions

Anesthesia Rotation

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Echo Teaser Poster

Wow...Can't believe it. Unravelling so slowly. Its already here. More to come.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

BISYO: Ang Unang Pagkakataon - Baraha

The Hand

The Cards

The Sinner

Opps....hindi sugal to

Pinagtutulungan nila ko

C keg....addict

Ndi pa ko natatalo

Silip sa Baraha

Awww....what a pose....pang Casino

Yan ang paningin ni JC

' Kaya ko pa to'

Ndi pa ko Inaantok!!!

Despedida ni Ate Keg......Nga ba??? Part Two


Yep...cute kami


Ang Kacute-an namen ni JC

The Love team of Jim and Keg


Dance fever

Matakot ka!

Love team talaga diba?

The Karen Pose