Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Qualifications of a Decision Maker.......Buzzz

Another busy day ahead...
3 Locations I have to be...
2 lang pala..hehe
I feel so lousy and lazy....mmm sounds the same... Homonyms ek ek
I have figured that just 2 more months I'll be seating on that very uncomfortable chair
the one where you can't find the right place where your ass will fit (naman.. lalo ba naman sa lake ng pwet ko...tabachoy!)
At that moment you'll feel a lot of disturbing disturbances (parang may mali) metallic taste, itching neckline, stiffening fingers, dizzy eye fields ,oozing armpits(parang kadiri masyado ung term), and rumbling tummy.
I'm really scared and nervous but at the same time I can't wait for that to happen so i can finally say hayyy...its over.
Before that time comes, I have to take care of some things.

Here they are in random order:
1. I have to wake up early and avoid staying late!
2. Tigilan na ang pangungulit sa housemates...aral muna.
3. Not too much sweets and fats....gusto mo bang matulog ng habang buhay?
4. Finish the book by schedule....naman ang dami kasing iniisip na ibang bagay kaya nagtatgl.
5. Iwasan na nga yang mga love songs sa mp3....nagdradrama ka tuloy imbes na nag-aaral
6. Ok lang ang coffee overload...wag lang softdrinks ha...
7. No more DVD sprees....magagawa mo rin yan after boards.
8. Target shoooting...bang....wala munang internet-internet...

Hay...just getting really boreder (such a term exist?) as the day passby.
Hopefully Lord, papasok ako ng residency ng Anesthesia this year at sa PGH.
Tnx po tnx po...

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Its Yah birthday!: Beatrice

Beatrice is my inaaanak from karen my housemate. It was a fun bday party. Although I came from a very tiring medical mission that time I really enjoyed it. The food and people was all good.

Ang Masarap na Cake

The Celebrant

w/ Momi Karen

w/ Dadi Bodee

w/ Ninangs Tin and Keg

w/ Ninong Norman

w/ the rest of the Barkada's

The Party

Andy and Benedict

The Feast

Tin and Keg





Keg and Andy

Tin and Me

Tin and Andy

Manong Ice Cream (Di ko na sya inabutan eh)

Pasabit (w/ my pal Jose)

Pasalubong Giving

Si Lola nag-emo sa gilid

Si Tin Nakikiagaw sa pasalubong


Jaycee's Butt

Only a Ballon separates

Anu yang tinuturo mo?

Bakit wala ako nyan!

Mal-aligned Upper and Lower Jaw

Friday, May 22, 2009


Wala naman ako masabe pa sa ngayon. It's been 2 years na pala since I started my Blog. yun lang. hehehe.


1. I weigh 7.2 pounds when i was born, all I know my mom told me I was so big na parang 10 pounder daw...hahaha...ngayon talaga mabigat na ako.

2. My mom already is now 58y/o. ndi ko kasi talaga matandaan ung age ng mom ko. All i know is that she's around in her late 50's.

3. My dad is now 75. Like my mom, I really didn't know his exact age.

4. I was born around 1:15 am in the morning of July 31, 1981.

5. I was officially registered as a Filipino at August 14, 1981 in the Malolos Provincial City Hall.

6. My Ob was.. Dra. Lourdes Herrera

7. My nurse was..Ms. Charito Cruz

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The NSO Experience

This 'almost' boards experience is sending my nerves cracking already. After this endless studying I figured out I need a big break after. After realizing that my old birth certificate cannot be used for my application for this August's Medical Licensure examination, I had to rush to NSO to file an application for a copy. My sister told me it was an ease on filing for a copy of my birth certificate so I thought hey need to do this so I could go on with my reading.

Around 10am I arrived at the NSO building in Quezon Ave not knowing that the office has already moved to East Avenue near the SSS building. My golly, did I mentioned it was one hot day (33 degrees to be exact). Arriving at the NSO WTF! There were thousands of people lining-up filing for birth, marriage, death certificates and including the NOMACER(short for no marriage certificate)and the VISA's and the likes. My...I lost hope the moment I entered the premises. After picking up an application form and my was up for 5457th. Damn! I was sweating like hell already. I filled-up the form then on walking towards the long line, there was a booth near the rear end of the arena where the long line was located indicating a phone line where NSO services could be afforded using mailing services. It was a bit expensive compared to the usual process of lining up. So I decided why not instead of lining up in here?

On my way out, I texted my sister and told her of my plans. Nagreply ba naman at sabi sa akin na sayang at nandito na raw ako why not try pa? Kainis, alam kasi nya na madali ako makonsensya. Hay, naku. Cge hala, balik sa loob. When I was inside, stayed there for a while to observe things. Ting! haha. It just snapped on my head. I didn't have to line up. Actually there was no such thing as a line. It was all people waiting there for their number to be called. It was like 3780th that time and well, I can do some other things while this is rolling down. I went outside, I figured I have 3 more hours before my number is called.

I went in McDonalds in Tanadang Sora coz I really felt hungry and starving. I ordered my favorite Cheese burger meal with coke float. Yum. haha. Then had a few smoke. I went back at NSO around 3:30 pm. To cut the story short, I finished my application without the hassle of waiting there pretending lining up. it was still a tiring experience though. I'll be back there on May 26 to pick it up. Hopefully with no more problems. My boards getting nearer. 2 more months after May.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Housemate 'The Reunion'

The Nightout @ Mr. Kebab, West Ave Q.C

The Solo Series

All Girls

Tin and Keg

Jaycee and Me

Jaifred, Jaycee, Me

The Group

It's been quiet a while since lumabas ulet kame. I had been experiencing a big headache that afternoon and a very painful stiffneck. Buti na lang natuloy. Grabe busog talaga. Sarap ng Food sas Mr. Kebab.