Wednesday, August 15, 2007

How could an Angel break my Heart?

The fact that I used to love her (Sniff...) and praised her for her beauty, talent and simplicity. She was the fantasy that kept a lot of men wanting to be a perfect men for every lady. She had introduced flawlessness even if she is not perfect. I don't want to give more praises, she don't deserve it.

Last week, after watching her contract signing in ABS-CBN, she then had an interview with Ms. Bianca Gonzales. I was really on focus to watch how she would answer the questions regarding her transfer. It really made me feel ashamed for her, the way she answers to questions delivered by Ms. Gonzales proves she can't fake the truth. What truth? Sorry to be rude. It's all about Money. Being famous is not her problem anymore. Greed pushes people to the limits. It pushes people to forget who their friends are, who helped them progress, who made them survive and enabled them to create a bigger and better living. I had awaited her answer for so long. Kahit na ndi sya nagcomment regarding her transfer to ABS, this was all enough to prove to me how low she had become. I was thinking, it was her right. Where's the ethics in leaving the place and people that supported you so much...then leaving a bomb to disable them so badly. I pray for GMA 7's success to continue. I ahve nothing against ABS...I want to clear that. Angel, don't be surpised.......the boat is are sinking with it. You stink!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Teaser Poster

This is so cool. A teaser poster was released yesterday by Direct Yam. My comment, the posters even the teaser trailer may look nicer without the "From the producer of the Ring and the Grudge", I think coz it could stand on its own. But nevertheless, it might help add up some excitement for the The Ring and The Grudge fans. I'm really excited...Can you tell?

Saturday, August 11, 2007

James Blunt

Inexplicably beautiful. A video so 'plain' and yet so expressive and impressive. James Blunt draws the beauty in simplicity. A lovely movie song.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

The Director Echoes

The director's Gasping moments....I can feel how excited and nervous Direk yam is. Kaya mo yan direk. We are all here to support yah.

Direk Yam Mentions in his blog:

I'm not gonna deny that some pressure is building up. Exciting times. We are eleven days away from principal photography.I try to be as creative and collaborative as I can. But, this is the time when the subjective meets the objective... the color meets the dollar, shot listing clashing with budgeting...And most of all - as I was reminded a few minutes ago - the producers make the final decision in everything... in the remake of my own movie. That's the reality. I'm just glad that I am making this movie and getting a break in Hollywood. My only objective is to be able to make a kick-ass scary film for my producers and investors. But, most of all make all fans of horror movies happy.Plus, if it's not too much to ask... I'd like to have at least a US$ 20M+ opening weekend!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

An Angel Flew Away

It really saddened me to hear that Angel Locsin have decided to move out of GMA 7 and transfer to ABS-CBN. The reasons were very unclear. How would she be in grave financial need and debt when she had been buying numerous luxuries that everyone could see? tama ba ko? The houses and the cars. Don't get me wrong, I love Angel so much. Infact everyone I know knows na crush ko itong bata na ito. I have too much respect for her because I saw how good she is as an actress. Our whole family loves her kahit na minsan medyo daring yung mga

suot nya sa T.V. The reasons that her father and talent manager gave were too trash to be believed by the public. I even read an article about Angel wherein her Dad and manager said that GMA 7 should not fret about Angel's departure since na-extract naman daw ng Siete ang kailangan nila kay Angel. It sounds like GMA only used Angel to gain popularity. It seems like it. Am I right? Hindi naman ako masyadong galit. Pero to be honest. Bumaba ang tingin ko kay Miss Angel Locsin. She owes a lot from GMA, atleast she could have said a very nice goodbye na lang. Sana wala na ung palalabasin pang ndi naging maganda ung trato sa kanya. She gained popularity that everyone would have wanted. Kahit sino magagalit. I hope all of this is a bad dream kasi ndi ko maimagine si Angel sa DOS. I hope na lang din na excusable ang mga reasons ni Angel. I don't have anything against DOS, I've watched some of their programs before. Hayy...showbiz talaga showbiz. Hehe

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Iza Calzado Finds a room in 'The ECho'

Fuzz and Wuzz About Iza Calzado is I believe and I guess over. She was announced yesterday to be reprising her role as the battered wife in the hollywood screen remake of Sigaw. Iza was rumored for so long to be playing a role in the movie which no one could really confirm if will happen. I have checked a couple of blogs and news from the net, since IMDB had listed her not showing the close and open parenthesis sign of rumor. I guess I believe she will be playing the part officially. Hayy...Ang saya-saya. Kewl

According from a blogger in IMDB....

It's official guys! IZA GOT THE PART! She'll be reprising her role in the American remake of "The Echo"!!! Hurray for Iza!!! Iza Calzado gets 'The Echo' role By Janet Susan R. Nepales, Ruben V. Nepales Inquirer Last updated 08:34pm (Mla time) 07/18/2007 "Nagtititili siya!" (She was thrilled) was how director Yam Laranas described the reaction of actress Iza Calzado when she learned that she had landed the plum role in Laranas' Hollywood remake of "The Echo." Laranas had fought for Calzado to reprise the role of the battered wife who haunts an apartment. Roy Lee, the producer of "The Echo," agreed, saying, "She was perfect in the original. Why shouldn't we get her for the remake?" The management of GMA Network, where Iza has a TV show, has allowed her time off to film in Toronto starting on August 20, the director said. Laranas sounded just as thrilled for Calzado when he called in London from Toronto to share the good news.

Monday, July 16, 2007

The Echo finds an Angel

I'm sure everyone would fret, opps wala namang masamang ibig sabihin yun eh. Sa mga ndi nakagets, pasensya na. The Echo finds an 'Angel' in the personality of Amelie Warner, british actress who would reprise the role of Angel Locsin in the hollywood remake of Sigaw. I'm trully excited as I have seen this announcement posted by Direk Yam. I have not seen how she acts but as I have ealier said in my previous posts, I believe in Direk's ability to transform his actors.

I would like to add some comments regarding the fuzz about Iza Calzado reprising her role in the hollywood remake. It would be very nice if she would play the role as everyone of us is hoping kasi super galing talaga ni Iza sa pagganap ng role niya as a Battered wife. But as of this moment, all we can do is hope (o sa iba eh magdasal-dasal) that she may be included in the film.

Two down, i'm waiting for other actors to go...atleast i'm awaiting the actor that will play the role of Iza and Jomari. Kasi sila ung mahirap hanapan ng katapat since they've acted their hearts out as everybody had been emphasizing. Hehe. Let there be world peace. Yon!

Direk Yam wrote in his blog:
I am happy to announce that we just locked Amelia Warner to play opposite Jesse Bradford in The Echo.I am very excited to have her on board. Welcome Amelia!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

The Echo Excitement

The Echo Update.. their choosing the venues and its getting more exciting. Can't wait I'm telling yah. Direk Yam is absolutely making us crave for more.

Direct Yam mentions in his blog:
I am in Toronto, Canada now. Just showing you guys a little tease on the locations that we've checked and LOVED so far. I will be here until probably middle of September before company moves to New York - hopefully.I will announce in my next post our lead girl opposite Jesse Bradford. All the rest of the cast will be locked immediately. That's all I have for now guys. Talk soon!

The sadness that had kept me waiting (The confessions of a sentimental freak!)

-->Anu na naman?
-->Masisisi nyo ba ko?
--> Malungkot lang talaga ko ng mga nakaraang araw na to. Nag-eenjoy ako sa ginagawa ko sa ospital, pero napansin ko pa rin na may kulang sa akin.
-->Oo. Tama kayo.
-->In love na naman ako.
-->Nagkasama na kami sa isang rotation sa ospital.
-->Madalas ko siyang nahuhuli na tumititig sa akin kahit hindi pa ako na-aassign sa department kung nasaan siya.
-->Questionable pa sa akin nung una, pero nung paulit-ulit na, hmm.... it meant something diba?.
-->Kilala na ko ng mga tao, ndi ako pumapatol sa lahat ng magaganda, pagka nainlove ako eh dahil sa may kakaibang katangian yung taung yun.
-->Haha....Putik! In love na naman si Galaxy.
-->Most unforgetable moment ko sa kanya: Hinawakan niya kamay ko dahil gusto nya makita yung suot ko na bracelet. Haha. Kilig at winning moment yun!
-->Meron pa palang isa, hehe. Kapag nagkakasalubong kami, hahawakan niya muna ko sa balikat at sabay Hi Galaxy! Yon! Hehe.
-->Anu ba! Wala naman pakialamanan. Buhay ng may buhay (Defensive ek..ek!)
-->Mahilig siya sa dilaw na scrubsuit..ayan mahuhulaan nyo na ba?
-->sorry, the rest are for my personal satisfaction na lang.
-->Malalaman at malalaman ninyo na rin naman.
-->Opps, add-ons lang. One time pala, nasa Trauma ko at kumakain. Dumaan siya papunta sa pintuan namen. Lumakad lang siya ng kaunti, tapos ndi ko na naman napansin. After one hour na pala. Nakatitig lang siya sa akin. Opps.
-->Ganyan talaga katinik si Galaxy.
-->Kwentong halang sa bituka to.
-->Masuka na masuka. Haha.
-->Nyte po.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Fallen - Sarah Mclachlan

This song reminds me of the past commitment I had. Something that I makes me feel so low. Huhu. - DRAMA KING

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Echo shouts Jesse Bradford

Its official, Jesse Bradford will be playing the role of Richard Gutierez in The Echo Remake. On my speculation, Jesse possesses a good quality as an actor as I have seen him on Swimfan, Hackers, Clockstoppers and on Romeo and Juliet. I just hope he doesn't bring with him the childish quality on his acting as he will be portraying a serious character here in this film. Well, I trust Yam Laranas, I believe he can extract the good acting out of every actors he had work with (just look at Richard). Well, we are done with one, few more actors to wait for. I'm wondering who would play the role of Encantadia's Yza Calzado and Jomari Yllana who both gave a very true-to-believe performances in this film and made us feel how real domestic violence is. I'm really excited with this project.

Yam Laranas wrote in his blog:

Hey guys, sorry for the little "clandestine" operation in the issue of Jesse Bradford having signed up for the lead.Now, it's official... Jesse Bradford is our guy!I couldn't be any luckier to be given the opportunity to work with one of Hollywood's top actors - with outstanding performances from Flags Of Our Fathers, Happy Endings, Swimfan, and King Of The Hill - How can we go wrong?Hey Jesse, great to have you on board man!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Monday, May 28, 2007

The Echo

I have been following the progress of the american screen remake of the movie Sigaw which Director Yam Laranas is currently heading. This movie which I really enjoyed watching is making it grounds on the dollar shores. They are currently casting actors for the film and i can't wait to find out who will play the lead roles.

Visit his site and the movie's official website:

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


This is my family away from home.

--> From left to Right


Nursing student from UST who is one of my kakwentuhan at kasama sa panunuod ng mga DVD's. Very humble ito. Sinasabayan ako nyan sa pag-aaral at minsan dinadaig pa nya ko dahil mas masipag pa yan mag-aral kesa sa akin. Certified korean-addict din sya tulad ko. Hehe.


Mascom student from FEU who is my kakulitan to the max. The best ang spaghetti ng batang iyan. She is one of the most cheerful person sa buong compound namin. Lahat na ata ng tao sa compound namen kakilala na nya. She very found of her self at mahilig din yang kumain tulad ko hanggang magkadang tae-tae na kame. Hehe.


CPA and almost Lawyer ito. Astig. Sya ang pinakababy sa dorm namen. hehe. Yan ang aming blow-out buddy. Lagi na lang nanlilibre ng fud atbp. Mahilig din yan sa DVD's tulad ko. The best yan sa karaoke. Pwedeng singer na nga eh. Libre!!!


Genius? Nerdy? You got that wrong! He's from UP PGH na isang intarmed. Biruin mo yun. The best yan sa school pero chickboy din tulad ko. Hehe. Yun nga lang, busy rin sa pag-aaral kaya time-out muna. Matakaw yang bata na yan, mas matakaw pa sa akin. Yan ung literal na kumakain hanggang magsuka at maimpatcho. The best yan when it comes with his studies. God-fearing din yang bata na yan. God bless sa 2nd year sa med.


Taking up Nursing at EIAC Ang pinakadalagang-filipina sa amin. Kaya lang Bipolar itong bata na ito. Minsan masaya minsan malungkot at minsan pa seryoso lang. Haha. Pero ang totoo makulit din sya at seryoso pagka nag-aaral na. Ndi mo yan maaabala basta-basta. Ms. Punctuality rin yan sa amin dahil laging sya ang pinakamaagang gumising kasi maaga sya natatae. Joke!!!

To our Newest Dormmates:

John Paul

Ala....nahihilig na tong bata na to sa DOTA. MagHRM ata sya sa UE Manila, im not that sure. Aral ka muna kapatid. Kapatid si JP ni Karen at JC. Nauna kong nakasama si JP nung Chrsitmas break ata. Nalungkot sya kasi bored na bored yan sa dorm namen. Ngkataun ba naman na nagbabakasyon lahat nung dumalaw sya. Hehe. Ndi ko pa masyado kilala yung mga kakulitan nito pero palagay ko, tulad ni Karen at JC, makulit din. Puro makulit na lang ata nasabi ko.


Hmmm...ala akong mamention sa bata na ito. Sa lahat ng nakasama ko sa dorm, sya yung parang napakaseryoso. Masyado atang mapagmahal kasi sa mga isda. Balak ata maging syokoy. Haha. Joke lang kapatid. Sa UP Manila sya...ndi ko sure ung course...comsci ata. Bihira ko sila makausap ni JP since nagstart ako ng clerkship. Hope makakulitan ko rin sila.

Hillsong United - Evermore

This is Marty Sampson of Hillsong Australia. Sana maganda rin boses ko. Fustrated singer ako. Pero basta para kay God kakanta ko kahit mabingi na lahat ng katabi ko.



24 - duty
25 - from
26 - pre
27 - duty
28 - from
29 - pre
30 - duty

DUTY - Starts 7:00 am that day and ends up at 7:00 the next day
FROM DUTY - after your duty, 7:00 am the day the duty ends till 4:00 pm (usually due to a lot of carry-outs, I sometimes go home 7:00pm to 8:00pm instead of 4:00pm)
PREDUTY - Starts at 7:00am then ends up at 4 or 5:00 pm of the same day
HOLIDAYS - If I'm not duty for that day, I'm considered "As Relieved"
Saturdays - Half day if not on duty, but we have academic sessions from 1:00pm to 6:00pm
Sundays - Half day lang kapag ndi ka duty

Sunday, May 20, 2007


Hey yah all pips! Welcome to my blog. Whats happening around Galaxy's world is right here. This is quite exciting, starting your blogsite. Well, I had been thinking about doing this for a long time. Masyado kasing ndi exciting yung buhay ko noon kasi puro aral lang (Yon!!). Ngayon, since nagduduty na ko sa ospital, sobrang pump-up lagi ako at napakarami ko ng maikukwento. To my relatives, friends and people who may passby my blog, feel free to read. Post naman some comments when you visit...kahit hi lang ok na. I'll also be placing some interesting things in my blog. Enjoy your visit!