Sunday, August 12, 2007

Teaser Poster

This is so cool. A teaser poster was released yesterday by Direct Yam. My comment, the posters even the teaser trailer may look nicer without the "From the producer of the Ring and the Grudge", I think coz it could stand on its own. But nevertheless, it might help add up some excitement for the The Ring and The Grudge fans. I'm really excited...Can you tell?


Anonymous said...

#I like the chiaroscuro (blending of light and dark) effect on the background. Also, the letters are quite like scratched giving the audience a big WHY? If it's from the Producers of 'Such Big Films', I am expecting that this would once again deviate from stereotypes just like what The Ring and The Grudge portrayed.

KEEP POSTING DUDE... you have a long way to go.. Carpe Diem!

Lark said...

You write very well.