Thursday, August 2, 2007

The Director Echoes

The director's Gasping moments....I can feel how excited and nervous Direk yam is. Kaya mo yan direk. We are all here to support yah.

Direk Yam Mentions in his blog:

I'm not gonna deny that some pressure is building up. Exciting times. We are eleven days away from principal photography.I try to be as creative and collaborative as I can. But, this is the time when the subjective meets the objective... the color meets the dollar, shot listing clashing with budgeting...And most of all - as I was reminded a few minutes ago - the producers make the final decision in everything... in the remake of my own movie. That's the reality. I'm just glad that I am making this movie and getting a break in Hollywood. My only objective is to be able to make a kick-ass scary film for my producers and investors. But, most of all make all fans of horror movies happy.Plus, if it's not too much to ask... I'd like to have at least a US$ 20M+ opening weekend!

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