Monday, June 16, 2008

Sigaw (The Echo Reloaded)

A tribute to the Original Filipino Film Sigaw before the U.S Version Shows World Wide and Scares People

Can you remember this condominium??

the stairs...

The corridors...

The elevator...

The celing....

And now the events.....

Domestic violence

The victims.....

The scares

The Cast

The Original Film Sigaw now The Echo

Friday, June 13, 2008

The Echo Trailer

Wala ng pipigil pa! Pigil Hiningha (Cliche`)

Galing talaga ni Direk Yam!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Thriller Experience @ Metropolitan

Dr. Benjamin Cuenca, the Department Chair of OB-Gyne is about to celebrate his bday. We were tasked by our residents to prepare a presentation for the said event. Medyo mahirap mag-icip ng ipeperform since lahat kami laging busy at preococupied with sleeping more than doing other things kasi nga pagud na kame from duty. Buti na lang, andyan si Ge (1st girl from left with right fingers pointing between her right eye). To cut it short magBillie Jean/Thriller kame. Haha. Sobrang alam mo yan. Walang kwenta yung mga practice namen. Either kulang kame or tinatamad na mga tau. When the day came, we were nervous pero whalah! It was a stunning performance. Baket? Panu? We tried to mask our imperfect performance by adding good backgrounds. We all clothed in black for the Billie jean track with white gloves and socks. Tpos naka dark light kame kaya it would show as if mga kamay lang ung nagsasayaw sa stage. Then the thriller part (still on dark light) we took off or black upper garment and revealed our tattered clothes scaring people in the audience then finally dancing like corpse with style. Hayop! Hehehe. Everyone enjoyed it. Even Dr. Cuenca. We even gopt a 24-hour merit from Dra Janet. Pasaya na ng pasaya ang buhay ko dito sa Metro. To brighten more my day during my last duty, I got an invitation from Dr. Welson Yap to join the Anesthesiology Residency in PGH in June 2009 after my boards. Wow. Can I ask for more? Thank you po LORD sa lahat ng Blessings.

Here are some more of the fotos from the event