Saturday, January 5, 2008

Never too late....Happy New Year! Cheers!

The year 2007 has been one of the best years for me.
> A loving God and Father
> Enormous blessing I couldn't count
> A very supportive and loving family
> Training in a very competetive hospital
> A lot of people who became more than friends for me
> Awesome health
> Loving housemates
> A worth short-term flame(hehe)
> People i don't know who is praying for me
> My avid supporters and fans (what!!!???)
Hehehe.....I thank you Lord for being there all the way, even though I have committed a lot of mistakes and had became very hard-headed. Thanks to my loving family whom I really seldom see. The hospital who nurtured my future of becoming a good doctor. My batchmates, my resident doctors, a lot of kind and unkind (hehe) nurses, patients and people I've met, a year with satisfied health, my housemates who keep on saying I'm the eldest amongst them and I somehow found it sweet of them (although they don't know), my flame (you know who you are, thanks for the time we shared especially in the grass land where millions of mosquitoes bit me), those who wants me to prosper but can't see me and yet prays for me, to my fans (harhar....) thanks a lot.

God you know what I need and what i desire.....I offer them unto you. On your will, if not thanks still. Love you Lord! Welcome 2008!!!!

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