Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Qualifications of a Decision Maker.......Buzzz

Another busy day ahead...
3 Locations I have to be...
2 lang pala..hehe
I feel so lousy and lazy....mmm sounds the same... Homonyms ek ek
I have figured that just 2 more months I'll be seating on that very uncomfortable chair
the one where you can't find the right place where your ass will fit (naman.. lalo ba naman sa lake ng pwet ko...tabachoy!)
At that moment you'll feel a lot of disturbing disturbances (parang may mali) metallic taste, itching neckline, stiffening fingers, dizzy eye fields ,oozing armpits(parang kadiri masyado ung term), and rumbling tummy.
I'm really scared and nervous but at the same time I can't wait for that to happen so i can finally say hayyy...its over.
Before that time comes, I have to take care of some things.

Here they are in random order:
1. I have to wake up early and avoid staying late!
2. Tigilan na ang pangungulit sa housemates...aral muna.
3. Not too much sweets and fats....gusto mo bang matulog ng habang buhay?
4. Finish the book by schedule....naman ang dami kasing iniisip na ibang bagay kaya nagtatgl.
5. Iwasan na nga yang mga love songs sa mp3....nagdradrama ka tuloy imbes na nag-aaral
6. Ok lang ang coffee overload...wag lang softdrinks ha...
7. No more DVD sprees....magagawa mo rin yan after boards.
8. Target shoooting...bang....wala munang internet-internet...

Hay...just getting really boreder (such a term exist?) as the day passby.
Hopefully Lord, papasok ako ng residency ng Anesthesia this year at sa PGH.
Tnx po tnx po...

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