Saturday, April 12, 2008

Something I'm Not Good at

Well, what can I say, Sorry perhaps?

One's thing for sure, people may know me for this kind of attitude:
I'm not the first one to say sorry and;
hey things never really comes back the way they should be or if you get lucky it could open a lot of new doors for you and get to know the real me.

It's been 3 months since that incident last january 12, I dunno if I over reacted. But what you guys did really hurt me. It was a big deal for me because I had a lot of things under my head. I was too much pressured with my incoming examinations at that time. You of all people should know that. It was a tiring day also, I came from Bulacan from my sister's wedding. I had to get back to Manila and got sooked because of the heavy rain carrying the heavy load of food I bought for you guys. Then what I get? You know what I mean.

Am I really that good at making people feel bad? Had I said anything bad? Had been my reactions been too effective that I could do extras as contrabida on film? I guess not. I believe that my lack of emotion when you guys pass by me and my cold responses to your presumed attempts to make contact means I didn't reacted. I look at you didn't I? I replied to your questions didn't I? I think I'm not encouraged to smile or make you laugh anymore because of what happened and perhaps the work that I'm committed that eventually drains my whole energy.

For whatever hurt I have done to you, Ok I'm sorry for that.
I'm happy that you all treated me as your big Kuya and I will remain like that as long as I can.
Just dOn't expect to much on people.

I guess you can consider me as one experience you can use for future references.

Try to be sensitive sometimes.

I guess, you haven't tried hard enough to win my attention back. You should have bribed me with sweets (sansrivals and chocolates) and bought me DVD's and the like hahaha.. Joke lang.

I'm glad were all ok. I guess I have to give in because I heard our Lola in the house is leaving. I had to use trying my new clothes for graduation as my window. Anyways, wala pa namang mamamatay sa atin diba? So, I'm not saying goodbye to our lola Keg. I'm just saying Hi. Kamusta na ba studies when I passed by. I can't wait to be ur superior para magantihan kita. hahaha. Joke lang. Mabait ako. Alam mo na yun. U

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