Sunday, June 21, 2009

Hillsong - Worthy is the Lamb

Last Sunday which coincides with the celebration of Father's Day, we had plans of treating our father for lunch. The treat includes bringing him along our Sunday worship which we decided in CCF in Ortigas. It had been a rough morning prior to the treat for we siblings had fought and the plan had almost not went into play. You see how the devil makes way to destroy God's plan for my father. Many knows my father is still not a believer - not a born again christian. This has been with our deepest and fervent prayer for so many years and it has been our greatest burden especially that he is becoming older and time is of no assurance for him.

I will not go on to details of what happened during the fight but after that I don't know what happened but God's intervention was there. My dad was unaware that prior to the lunch, we were going to CCF for a service. You can see the excitement in his eyes. When we were already at the building, I knew my Father already had the idea. Most of the time he would walk-out or stay somewhere else. But this time he didn't. He stayed inside, with us. Our family was complete except for my sister's husband. The praise and worship started and it really felt different especially that my dad was there. It completes an empty love in my heart that I cannot explain. A family complete, attending the church. It has been years since we had that(when we were still in the Spiritism religion, when I was like 6 or 7 years old). This very song was played, I felt so weak and I felt God's love embracing me. I saw our eldest sister crying so much and my mom was in awe of worship. I can't describe the feeling, to a minimum there was happiness and love surrounding me together with my family. I want to cry so much because we were complete that time. I know that my father will be joining us soon in our worship and be a genuine follower of Christ.

The lunch even brought more happiness. We ate at Burgoo in Podium. We were one happy family again. The one we used to be. When we were already on our way home, I don't want to depart from them and go back to our dorm. I felt so safe and happy that I figured how much I miss my family. Being away from them had been hard for me. Spending that Sunday with them made me felt less of an independent person and needing more of them. haha Sa lahat ng makakbasa nito...tama kayo. Isa akong madramang tao. Aminado naman. I won't deny it.

Thank You Lord for Your Love
Thank You Father
I love You Lord

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Meng said...

kapatid, hindi naman, ganun ata talaga un, kapag family na ang pinag-uusapan. we feel vulnerable and weak. i am blessed sa post mo na ito. keep the fire burning. God bless u more.