Saturday, June 11, 2011

Reminiscing the Beginnings

Hi guys!
I'm kinda missing someone...a good friend. There's kinda of a misunderstanding. We are somwhere in a very rough road. I don't even understand how we went there. Just missing our old good times together.

Pre-residency Christmas Party

Friday Lectures @ the Anesthesia COnference Room

Last time with Prime

Batche-Banat @ Dad's

Kulitan in front of the ATM machine

The ER kid and the GS Boy - no grumpiness

After VCF @ Contis'

Post duty eat-in @ DnD

Tata's Bday @ The Abalajon's Pad


Ronda said...
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Jojo said...

pwede ba magcomment?
infairness, ang payat ko pa sa mga pictures dito